Live Webinar With RADA

Join RADA TO learn how to do a professional Hair & Makeup on yourself

Learn with Rada Sarn Live by attending her online webinar. This webinar will be full of beauty fundamentals that will focus on you, how you can take care of your inner beauty at home. You will enhance and carve your natural beauty in a professional glamorous canvas. This personal webinar of hair and makeup designed to provide you a very informative understanding of hair styling and makeup application on yourself. You will practice along with Rada to learn all the beauty essentials to perform and implement these skills in your home environment to beautify yourself for any occasion.

By attending this Live Webinar with RADA:

  • You will practice and gain knowledge of professional beauty products.
  • You will learn how to style your own hair with professional hot tools & hair extensions
  • You will learn how to create a simple day to glam evening makeup look on yourself
  • You will learn how to contour your facial features
  • You will learn soft glamour eye makeup to bold and smoke dust feather look

Date: July 25 1:30pm – 4pm
Webinar Fee: $95

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the education delivered?

This live webinar is online and delivered by live video to your device.

How can I register for this class?

You can simply check out and register for this class.

What is age restriction for this class?

You must be 15 and up to attend this class.

Which products do I need to attend this class?

You can use your own hair and makeup products for this class. We will provide you a list of products you need to attend this class.

How will I communicate with RADA?

This webinar is live. You will not be able to communicate with Rada during the class, but she will be happy to answer all your questions after the webinar by text, phone call or email.

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