Professional Hair Artist Program


Do you love to be creative?

Do you have a love and passion for the beauty industry?

Do you like playing with hair and love creating different hairstyles on your friends and family?

Have you considered growing your talent and making yourself a name one day as a professional beauty artist?

Do you enjoy trying new ideas and wonder how you can achieve this hairstyle look as a professional?

Would you like to call yourself a CERTIFIED HAIR ARTIST?

If you’d like to reach all the goals listed above, this course is right choice for you.

Program Introduction

At Rada Academy, our specialized program on hair designing covers basic to elaborate hair curling, styling, and pinning techniques. You will learn and develop skills to prep hair for any desired hairstyle, while learning hair styling procedures on a variety of hair types to work with your clients in achieving the perfect look. You will learn over 20+ non-bridal and bridal hair designs.

All your education will be delivered step by step to give you the right essentials to launch your career as professional hair artist. Our award-winning instructors will provide you the beauty education of how to use hair styling tools and professional hair products. You will work with an instructor one on one on your hair mannequin to refine and perfect your learning education. You will gain insight education of beauty business to become a professional and grow your income.

Benefits of taking our Professional Hair Artist Program:
There are numerous benefits you can take advantage of when choosing to complete this information packed course. The benefits include:

  • Our professional program is taught in 31 modules, full of beauty education about hair designing
  • You will learn all the detail and depth of this growing beauty industry
  • You will build a strong foundation as a professional hair artist
  • You will spend 1 on 1 time with your instructor
  • You will learn in a small group of class sessions
  • You will receive lifetime support from your educator
  • You will develop advanced techniques which can help you in your career
  • Receive certification on successful completion

In your Professional Hair Artist Program, you will learn, practice, and develop:

Module 1: What is Study of Cosmetology & History of Hair Art?
  • Introduction of Beauty and Cosmetology
  • Study of Life Skills of Hair Artist
  • A Future in Hair Industry
  • Role as a Hair Artist
Module 2: Life Skills of Hair Artist
  • Interpret the Psychology of success
  • Motivation and Self-Management
  • Design a Mission Statement
  • Establishing Good Work Habits
Module 3: Study of Communicating for Success
  • Practice Communication Skills
  • Meeting & Greeting Client
  • Preparation for Client Consultation
  • Handling Communication Barriers
Module 4: Hair Artist Beauty Essentials Checklist
  • Hair tools check list
  • Hair Artist hair care products check list
  • How to identify a good beauty product
  • How to care for your beauty products
  • How to prepare yourself for hairstyle service
Module 5: Knowledge of Professional Hair Care Products
  • How to identify professional hair care brands
  • Knowledge about tools and hair care products
  • Knowledge about retail product brands
  • Knowledge how to take care of your beauty tools
Module 6: Understanding the Principle of Hair Design
  • Body Proportion
  • Hair Balance
  • Hair Harmony
  • Hair type and texture on hairstyle
Module 7: Hair Designing Procedure
  • Long Hair Design and Hair Color
  • Hair Direction
  • Hair Design Foundation
  • Long Hair Design Guidelines
Module 8: Hair Preparation
  • Blow drying
  • Rollers
  • Pin curls
  • Straightening Hair
Module 9: Study of Hair Volume and Hair Teasing
  • Hair Teasing
  • Placement of bobby pins and hairpins
  • Hair Fillers
  • Hair Consultation
Module 10: Study of World of Hair Extensions
  • Express the Artistry of hair extensions
  • Knowledge of different types of hair extensions
  • Knowledge of different type of hair pieces
  • Hair sectioning procedure for hair extensions
Module 11: Thermal Waving/ Hair Curling
  • Implementation & Materials
  • Hair Preparation / Hair Sectioning
  • Procedure / Demonstration
  • Post Service Procedure
Module 12 – Module 30: Art of Hair Design Implement & Procedure
  • Basic to advanced knowledge of hair curling with curling irons, flat irons, and hot rollers
  • Working with real clip in extensions, synthetic hairpieces, and custom hair stuffing pieces
  • Ethnic and Western 20 + non-bridal and bridal hairstyles
  • Half up and down and full down hairstyles
  • High and low, side-swept, chignon hairstyles
  • Braid / Prandi hair styles
  • Traditional Ethnic and Western bridal updo with hair stuffing, hair extensions and synthetic hair pieces
  • Using ornamentation, flowers, and traditional jewelry to enhance and perfect hairstyles
Module 31: The Business of Hair
  • Why study the business of hair?
  • Hair Artist Earning Potential
  • Career options
  • Business ownership and making a name for yourself
  • Marketing and getting started

Professional Hair Artist Kit

Products Quantity
Professional curling iron 1 inch                                                                                                        1
Professional curling iron 1 ¼ inch                                                                                                   1
One set of Remy top quality clip in Rada luxury hair extensions                                           1
Hair mannequins                                                                                                       2
Mannequin table stand 1
Hair Section Clips                                                                                                                                   1
Rada Hair Stuffing 2
Synthetic hair braid                                                                                  1
Hair detangle brush                                                                                                                               1
Styling comb                                                                                             1
Hair pomade 1
Hair Spray 1
Shine Spray 1
Setting Spray 1
Hair bobby pins box 1” length (black or brown) 1
Hair bobby pins box 2” length (black or brown) 1
Hair pins (black or brown) 1
Hair Prandi 1

Professional Hair Artist Kit Fee: $1000

Students will be paying wholesale price for all the products. After finishing the academy, you will be receiving 30% on your future hair products purchases.

Hair Artist Program duration: (2 weeks)

6 Days / 8 hours per day (1 on 1 Time with Instructor)

  • At Rada Academy, we teach only 5-6 students per class.
  • We guarantee your success in this beauty career. Our classes date and time is designed to deliver you an exceptional education of beauty knowledge.
  • Program Classes are held Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesday of the week.
  • We give our Rada Academy students additional days of the weeks to practice with their Instructor.
  • Practice days are Thursday – Friday 9am -5pm

Hair Artist Program Fee: $1450

Professional Hair Artist Course Dates:

Dates: June 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 28th, 29th, 30th 

Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm

Professional Hair Artist Kit Fee: $1000
Hair Artist Program: $1450
Hair Artist Program + Professional Hair Kit = $2200 (save $250)

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In Class Rada Academy

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join professional Hair Artist and Makeup Artist Program with Rada Academy?

You must be 16 years old to attend the Rada Academy.

Which methods of Rada Academy classes are held to teach me?

You can learn In Class or Online, Hair Artist & Makeup Artist Program with us.

How many students are per class? Will the Instructor spend 1 on 1 time with me?

Our both Hair and Makeup Artist program are classes are very small to deliver exceptional beauty knowledge to our students. We only teach 2-6 students per class.

What type of hair products I will be receiving in my hair kit?

You will be receiving Mint, Scruple and sutra hair and hair tool product along with Rada hair stuffing, hair extensions and prandi.

Which brand makeup product will I be receiving in my Makeup kit?

You will be receiving, Rada makeup, Mac, Sephora and Morphe brand in your kit.

What is the duration and time zone for Hair design and Makeup Artistry Program?

At Rada Beaute Academy, on location Professional Hair and Makeup Artist Program is 90 hours/ 2 weeks in total with practice time. Our classes are held Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday only at our Salon Picasso/ Rada Beaute Academy Abbotsford location. Time is 9.30am – 5.30pm.

Will I get additional practice hours?

You will receive additional practice days, Thursday– Friday 9am – 6pm.

Do I need models for Hair and Makeup Artist program classes?

You do not need models for the Hair Artist Program, you need a model for last day of the testing.

For the Makeup Artist Program you will be required to bring a model each day of the class 2.30pm-5pm.

If I can not arrange a model for Makeup Course?

You can practice on makeup mannequins / on a classmate / on yourselves.

Is there any testing held upon the completion of the Hair and Makeup Artist Program?

Testing day is last day of the course. You are required to provide your own model for this day to create a full hair & makeup look.

Will I get a break in 8 hours course per day?

Yes, you will receive a 15 min break & a 30 min lunch break.

Will I receive a Certificate upon completion the course?

 You will receive a professional certification after completion of both Hair and Makeup Artist programs.

How I can register and make the payment?

You can register by checking out on our website or you can contact us by email. You can make the payment by e-transfer, Debit, MC and VISA.

Are the Taxes included in the fee? Are there any additional charges?

BC sale tax charge is included in the fee. No additional charges.